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Guangzhou TOP-BOND Environmental Technology Co., LTD is the first domestic high-tech company to research and develop UV adhesive technology. The company's main business is UV invisible adhesive, special epoxy resin adhesive.Since its establishment in 2005, the company has won the trust and praise of customers by virtue of its diligent, professional and high quality service. Now, we works closely with Dongguan City Polytechnic University, Zhongkai university of agriculture and engineering, Jiangxi university of science and technology and other universities to jointly develop new products.For the expansion of the company, for the community to actively cultivate talent and achieve "leading domestic, world - renowned" extension bar brand.

The UV curing products are widely used in camera, chip, mini speaker, receiver, fixed, solder joint protection, optical lens, optical fiber cables, lithium battery, car glass, reversing radar, LCD pin, LCD sealing, mobile phones membrane/following, FPC flexible circuit boards, panels, circuit board (instead of anti-corrosion paint), LED lamp cup;Adhesion and mutual adhesion of transparent plastics (TPU, PC, PMMA, PS, PVC, PE, PET, ABS, etc.);Adhesion, fixation and protection of plastic adhesion glass, plastic adhesion metal, glass furniture, lamp decoration assembly, watch assembly, glass technology, crystal technology, etc.

At present, the newly developed UV heating double-curing UV glue, dark reaction UV glue and UV moisture curing UV glue have been put into the market in batches.The three characteristics of UV adhesive are environmental protection, efficiency and beauty that are fully meet the national requirements on environmental protection, the requirements of various industries on efficiency improvement, and the requirements of consumers on beauty.More and more applications, UV technology is more and more challenging, some applications we do not think about now, UV applications started a new chapter. We will meet the needs of the community to constantly accept the challenge, stand on the new peak! It is our responsibility to make a little contribution for the country and the community.

Core values: creating value for customers, opportunities for employees, benefits for shareholders and responsibilities for society.

Business philosophy: professionalism, concentration, innovation, unity, collaboration

Code of conduct: listen more, see more, think more, ask carefully, speak less, do more

Motivation: gratitude, teamwork.

Corporate vision: to be the most professional UV glue manufacturer in China.

Guangzhou top-bond environmental technology Co.,LTD

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