Cell phone film uv glue steel film uv liquid glue curved glass film uv glue cell phone

2018-10-13 12:21:55 519

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The UV liquid glue curved glass film developed by guangzhou top-bond environmental protection technology co., LTD can be cured by LED-UV ultraviolet light.This product is specially developed for the 3D curved screen mobile phone to fit the toughened film. It has the features of low viscosity, automatic foam discharge and fast flow, less glue controlling flow rate, no peculiar smell to prevent corrosion, less than 30 seconds curing, and automatic infiltration and filling of the 3D curved screen.After curing, the film is transparent, high refractive index, soft and tough, easy to repair and heavy industry.Fully covered with plastic, sensitive screen touch, curved surface coverage, no dust, no broken edge.Suitable for samsung S8, S9, Note8, apple, huawei, vivo and other popular models.