Dongguan institute of technology teaching practice base listed

2018-10-07 15:08:58 529

 zmkm-800_800 (x1).jpgOctober 6, 2018 is a good day, a warm and sunny day, and is also the day when guangzhou tuoba environmental protection technology co., LTD., dongguan institute of technology and joint research on UV non-shadow adhesive start.Zuo yuanzhi, vice President of the institute of chemical engineering and energy technology of dongguan institute of technology, sacrificed his vacation time and rushed to guangzhou tuoba environmental protection technology co., LTD to attend the listing ceremony.This is also the professional development and production of uv shadowless adhesive in guangzhou tuoba environmental protection science and technology for 14 years, after joining hands with zhongkai university of agriculture and engineering, and adding dongguan institute of technology to jointly develop uv shadowless adhesive, strong and strong cooperation will push the uv shadowless adhesive to a new height.