Electronic industry TB-0526 universal UV adhesive

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Keywords: Solder joint protection   /   LED lamp is fixed and glued   /   Electronic adhesive

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Low odor
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Fast solidification without air bubbles
  • High bonding strength
  • Don't send white

Product Details

Performance features:

    TB-0526 series is a mono-component UV/ visible curing modified acrylate structural adhesive with low smell, good performance, quick curing, high bonding strength, high toughness, impact resistance, yellow resistance, water resistance and cold and heat resistance.The solidified colloids are colorless and transparent with small volume shrinkage.Its viscosity is moderate, can use hand operation or machine to apply glue.


  This product is applicable to the adhesion and assembly of glass, metal, plastic, etc.Applicable to electronic industry, audio film, welding spot protection, LED lamp fixed adhesion, glass furniture, electronic scale, lighting, crystal technology, such as adhesion, assembly.

   Before gluing, the surface to be glued must be completely clean and dry. The amount of gluing shall be determined according to the needs.After gluing, close the gluing surface and squeeze hard to distribute the gluing layer evenly and separate the bubbles.Exposure to philips 365nm 18W or 40W uv lamp or 125W medium-pressure mercury lamp for a few seconds to locate, remove excess glue around, and continue irradiation for 30-60s to achieve maximum strength.

Technical specifications: (18W philips uv lamp 365nm curing standard)

Test item: TB-0526

Appearance:  clear amber liquid

Viscosity @ 25°C, mPa.s (cP): 5000 ~ 5500

Specific Gravity @ 25°C: 1.050

Hardness/shao D :70 + 5

Tensile strength /MPa :25

Breaking elongation /%: 90

Glass transition temperature (Tg) / ℃: 70 + 5

Suitable temperature range / ℃: - 40 ~ + 125

Positioning time (S): 5

Locate energy (mj/ cm2): 50

Curing time (S): 60

Curing energy (mj/ cm2) :800

Matters needing attention:

1. This product contains acrylic acid and its ester monomers, which may slightly irritate skin and eyes. However, after curing and bonding, it has no corrosive effect on the product.Rinse skin with soap and plenty of water immediately after contact.

2. Keep in a cool and dry place. The remaining glue should not be poured back to the original package.

3. Storage period:A year (25 ℃, shelf life: a cool and dry place).

Packaging: 250g/bottle 1000g/bottle can be provided according to the user's needs

The above data is only for reference when used by customers. Please refer to the measured data when used by customers.